Is it possible?

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Is it possible?

Unread post by DomenicoA »

My girlfriend and I recently had sex, but not at the same time. Nothing ever entered anywhere (though it did touch), nor did I ejaculate near her vagina. Its been a few weeks now and recently she has been complaining about her stomach feeling tight, and feeling nauseous. Is there any chance that she might be pregnant?
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Re: Is it possible?

Unread post by Carly »

Hi DomenicoA -- welcome to Scarleteen! Having direct genital-to-genital contact does pose a risk for pregnancy, but if you did not ejaculate near or in her vagina I would say it is highly unlikely that the sexual activity you engaged in together resulted in pregnancy. This resource might be a helpful for you going forward.

When you say you both had sex recently but not at the same time, can you explain what you mean? Did you have different partners?
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