got a new vibrator today and not sure how to use it?

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got a new vibrator today and not sure how to use it?

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hey besties!!

i got a new vibe today to try and get more into letting myself relax! i am transmasc and i sometimes find it hard to relax when im masturbating because i get so caught up in how my body looks, dysphoria, etc. so i thought a vibe would help, which, it already has. i tried it out and it was nice because it was more intense than just my fingers which was nice cause i kinda just lay down and put it in between my legs and dint have to think or do work,,, butttttt im wondering what else i can do with it? its just a lil 4 inch bullet vibe, and im not exactly sure how to....use it in other ways??? i hook up with people a lot and id love to intro it into my sex life but not before ive gotten comfy with it solo and how it works. so...ideas? tips? help a guy out please :p

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Re: got a new vibrator today and not sure how to use it?

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Hi _.jaasp._,

You're already doing the main thing I'd suggest, which is letting yourself be curious and experiment with different ways of using the vibe! With a smaller, bullet-shaped vibe, your options are mainly going to be internal and external genital stimulation, although some people find that just experimenting with different positions or patterns of movement is enough to introduce a new experience with a sex toy.
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