Heavy bleeding after losing virginity and Dr visit

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Heavy bleeding after losing virginity and Dr visit

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hi the same thing happened to me i bled heavily with huge clots for about six hours, then i passed out and had to go to the hospital. i felt fine on my own and the doctors didnt find anything wrong. i denied sex so they did a general ultrasound scan and said my uterus was full of blood (but they said it was normal because of my period, i wasnt on my period i lied so they wouldn’t get suspicious about sex) but they just sent me home. is it dangerous for me to have sex again or should it have healed on its own??
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Re: Heavy bleeding after losing virginity and Dr visit

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Hi anonymousgirl,

Did this happen recently? And are you still experiencing bleeding that isn't related to your period?
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Re: Heavy bleeding after losing virginity and Dr visit

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I also want to check in to see if they verified that what you indeed saw were clots. I say that because menstrual flow doesn't usually clot: it just both isn't all blood and isn't that *kind* of blood. More often, when people think they are seeing clots, they are instead seeing flow mixed with thick discharge or endometrial tissue (which is what sheds during a period, it's just sometimes liquid and sometimes more solid).

Actual clots suggest that there's some sort of injury that resulted in bleeding from the vagina, uterus or other related parts, rather than menstrual flow.

It sounds like you were dealing with the former, given it sounds like you were having a heavy period, not the latter. If that's the case, there's nothing to worry about and no reason you need to avoid any wanted sex. If it's the latter, then it might be a good idea to hold off until you can follow up with a specialist.
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