I’m a freak

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I’m a freak

Unread post by DiverDoubt »

I’m autistic.
I’m asexual.
I’m a crossdresser.
I’m a furry (more or less).
If it were socially acceptable, I’d wear Halloween masks out of season, because I feel most comfortable as myself when my face is concealed from the public.

I’m a freak. I’m inherently a freak and it hurts. Sure, I’ll never be totally normal, but I certainly don’t do myself any favours.
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Re: I’m a freak

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Hey there, DiverDoubt.

So, I'm not someone for whom "freak" or not being considered normal is a bad thing (so it's tough for me to understand some of this), but you're making it clear here that you are in pain, and it sounds like it's around feeling not-normal, or not-common.

Can you say a little more about what kind of conversation you think would be helpful for you when it comes to these feelings?
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Re: I’m a freak

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There are plenty of people who are like that and they are lovable and can have friends. Plus, none of the qualities you listed sound inherently bad or wrong to me. I'm autistic and a little bit of a furry too if it helps :)
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Re: I’m a freak

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None of the things you listed are bad and very little of it is even abnormal.
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