ranting and the most mortifying experience of my young adult life

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ranting and the most mortifying experience of my young adult life

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bit of background - I volunteer for an organisation who has been involved in things like providing support, water, a place to chill etc at events mainly for teens. my organisation has been working at a certain event this week, which also involves other organisations like SES, police, ambulance etc. ive been with the same team at this event for the past 3 nights, and the same two members of one of these emergency teams have been stationed with us, one of them is really cute, and i think he’s super sweet.
so at the event, my organisation team finishes earlier than the emergency teams. on this particular night my friend and i met up after I finished and we both went to the bathrooms which happen to be portaloos. the worst thing happens. i lean over to flush the toilet and my phone falls out of my jumper pocket and right down into the portaloo. mind you im BAWLING my eyes out at this point. i go to get some help and the people i get help from radio for more help. this radio call is heard by EVERY organisation involved in the event including the one which the two members (one of them is the one who i think is so cute) I’ve been stationed with are in. keep this in mind.
one of the members of a different group fishes my phone out of the toilet and it’s in a bag, for sanitary reasons obviously. as im walking to the medical station to clean it and find sanitiser, i see the guy from my team who i think is cute sitting with other members of his organisation and im immediately mortified. he definitely recognises me and sees the bag im holding with a wet phone in it. all of these people have no doubt heard the radio call and recognise that im holding this phone they’ve called about.
see, i could get away by maybe saying it was my friends phone who i was walking with, and i helped her get it, but if he were to ask LITERALLY anyone from the other med teams he’d find out it was mine. im so embarrassed.
what if he thinks i dropped it using the toilet or what if he’s joked around with all his other team members about it. i have to see him again and i can’t face him knowing he might know. my friend says it’s not a big deal and he’s probably dropped his phone in the toilet too, but this was a PUBLIC PORTALOO AT AN EVENT. i really like him but im so genuinely embarrassed right now it’s not even funny, and i have this idea in my mind that he thinks it’s so embarrassing and funny and im so mortified how can i even face him again. im genuinely so so embarrassed about this. if he wasn’t there i dont think i would care at all, but the fact that he saw me holding the bag is enough to make me want to explode. HOW DO I EVEN FACE HIM AGAIN AGHHH
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Re: ranting and the most mortifying experience of my young adult life

Unread post by Heather »

Hi there, lulu28843. (One of my dog's names is Lulu!)

I think your friend is right, that it's not an actual big deal. But I also get how you're feeling. Walking by your crush with the poopy phone bag post whole-team-radio-call-on-this-debacle sounds like it would feel mortifying, for sure.

I think you just give yourself a little time to feel all the ick-feelings, and then, IMHO, you try and find the humor in it. If you need a method for that, you might try telling this whole story out loud to yourself, or writing it down, like it was the funniest story ever instead of something that left you feeling humiliated. There's some comedy gold to be found in that big radio call, in the potty-fishing, the poopy bag and even, of course, the punch line, walking by a dreamboat. If you saw this in a comedy, and it hadn't happened to you, you'd probably be laughing pretty hard.

Give it a try?

Alternately, it really is okay to feel how you're feeling and just kind of wait for it to wear off. But either way, I think you can 100% walk by, face or talk to the guy again. Don't let this whole thing keep you from a potentially good and wanted connection. <3
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