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Is it normal that you have light period in your 3rd and 4th day but when it comes in your 5-7th day it became medium flow? I don’t know if this got to do with my period but since I started school i got less of sleep and I started to become dizzy can it be because of my period? Or its just bcoz im always late to go to sleep?
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Re: Menstruation

Unread post by Sam W »

Hi cxxxxxxxz,

It's pretty common to have variation within the flow of your period not only during a given period, but also from month to month. As for the dizziness, it does sound like a lack of sleep is a more likely culprit than your period, but that's one of those things where we can't say for certain what's causing it. If you notice the dizziness getting worse, or that it doesn't go away when you change your sleep habits, that would be a time to check in with a healthcare provider.
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