Is plan b needed?

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Is plan b needed?

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I had sex with my partner on Monday. It is now Thursday as I am writing this. We used the pull out method, and when he pulled out I could already see the semen near the tip but not dripping out. He confirmed that he didn’t ejaculate inside of me. We usually use condoms but just didn’t this time round.

I am currently already on yasmin, and have been for a long time. I have not missed any of my pills this month, all pills were taken from 9am-1pm period, only one time it was about 11 hours late (took at 9pm instead of 10-11am).

My question is whether plan b was necessary if he came inside of me unknowingly? I understand that plan b wouldn’t do anything different from my Yasmin pill so it wouldn’t have any different type of protection since the hormones are the same. But I just wanted to check and be sure.

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Re: Is plan b needed?

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Hi Juliaho90,

Given your posting history here, I need to set a limit: we are not going to engage in anymore conversations with you around pregnancy anxiety, especially anxiety that comes after you've made the decision to have sex. So, please do not make those kinds of posts going forward.

That's partially due to the fact that, at this point, we've given you all the explanations and information we have around this topic (and ton of it can be found in our answers on the boards or in content on the main site), so we'd only be repeating ourselves. But the other reason is that having those conversations isn't getting to the root of whatever is causing this ongoing anxiety.

The thing we are open to talking about is how to do things to address this ongoing anxiety BEFORE you choose to have sex, rather than this pattern where you only try to deal with it after you've been sexual and are feeling anxious about it. So, if in the future you want to make a thread to discuss that, you're welcome to.
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