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Hi im a 14 year old female (i have had my period since i was 10-11 and have been having discharge since i was 8ish)! i have a serious question! recently i’ve noticed that my discharge has been smelling kinda bad (it smells like old yogurt mixed with goldfish), it always smells like this around my ovulation time (i have a period app). while at school i can literally smell myself as im bending over and it terrifies me that someone else can smell it (i just moved to this school on jan 3rd and i also now have a boyfriend), this has been happening for about a couple months. i shower everyday.. is there anything i can do??
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Re: Discharge

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Hi Emi,

If this is only happening around a specific time in your cycle, then this may just be part of how your body experiences your cycle. If it's happening non-stop, that might be cause for concern, especially if it was suddenly very different from how your discharge generally smelled.

As for what you can do, showering and gently washing the outside of your genitals with warm water is really it. Too, while it might be noticeable to you, the majority if people are not close enough to you to pick up on the smell; it's one of those things that might feel like it's way more noticeable than it actually is.

(I do want to add that with period trackers, unless you're tracking things like temperature and cervical mucus, the information it gives you isn't going to be all that accurate).
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