Falling causes discomfort

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Falling causes discomfort

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For my entire life, whenever I fall (jump off of something tall, are on a swingset) I get an unpleasant sinking feeling in my crotch. It's not sexual, but it is a private area so it's difficult for me to bring up, and when I have asked about it people don't seem to understand.

It's hard to find comparable feelings for it? It's like I'm sensitive there so cold air passing through "hurts", or something. I want to know what could be causing it or find other people that have felt this. I just want to understand my body more.
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Re: Falling causes discomfort

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Hey there.

It's always so hard to compare how things feel physically (or emotionally, for that matter!) because we really are all so different. Just because we have the same parts doesn't mean we will experience them the same, you know?

But by all means, our genitals are particularly sensitive parts of our bodies in terms of our nerves. As well, where they are located (right at or near our center of gravity) and the way the other systems of the body feed into them -- namely the circulatory system -- means that we really can feel a lot in that part of our bodies even with things that seem like we shouldn't feel anything there. I know what you mean about that sensation when falling or coming down from something high.

I also can't speak for what your emotional experience is of having sensation in that area. If you're someone who has any trauma with or attached to these parts of the body, or even if you don't, but you tend to be hyperobservant, that can also mean feeling things more acutely than others might be.
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