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Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2024 8:03 pm
by Shamed
Hi! I went back and reread my first set of posts on masturbation this evening, and after rereading them I'm hoping that I didn't overshare at all? I'm just a little excited to get to ask questions and talk about sex in a safe and positive place now that I'm finally giving myself permission to enjoy the pleasure sex (even if it's just sex with myself) has to offer. I also realized that I repeated myself a lot. Sorry about that. :)

Re: Overshare?

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2024 7:34 am
by Sam W
Hi FullOfQuestions,

It's actually super common for folks to get excited to find a space where they can talk and ask questions openly about sex, so you're certainly not alone in that. And as long as posts follow the guidelines everyone agrees to when they make an account, folks are allowed to share as much or as little as they feel comfortable sharing.

Re: Overshare?

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2024 9:19 am
by Shamed
Okay, great. Thank you!