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how to do homework when depressed?

Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2024 3:43 pm
by Gluggave├░ur
pretty much what the title says. I am severely depressed, passively suicidal, thinking of death almost constantly, no motivation for almost anything. however, I'd like to assure everyone that I am completely safe. any tips for doing homework in this state?

Re: how to do homework when depressed?

Posted: Thu Feb 29, 2024 8:04 am
by Sam W
Hi Gluggave├░ur,

I'm sorry to hear that you're in the midst of such a rough mental health spot. Are you getting any kind of mental health support right now? If not, we can talk about ways you might be able to connect with that kind of care so you can get the support you deserve.

Too, if this is effecting your schoolwork, do you and your parents have any ability to talk with your teachers or your school about getting some accommodations?