I'm 13 (and virgin) and I like to masturbate to...

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I'm 13 (and virgin) and I like to masturbate to...

Unread post by Rageandlove »

Why do I like to masturbate to this man... He's my celebrity crush, but every time I see pictures of him I think like "my god the things I would do" but I'm not even old enough why do I feel like this? It feels good but I'm kinda ashamed to think such things about him .
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Re: I'm 13 (and virgin) and I like to masturbate to...

Unread post by KierC »

Hi there Rageandlove, and welcome to the boards!

Could you say a little more about why you feel ashamed about this, or a little more on where those bad feelings are coming from?

For what it’s worth, I don’t think having a celebrity crush is something to be ashamed about, even if you are younger than them. Celebrities and the teams who manage them go a long way to maintain an attractive, often sexualized, image, so it’s really understandable why a lot of people have crushes on celebrities, regardless of age.

Celebrity crushes also exist in the realm of sexual fantasy, which is a healthy expression of sexuality. Too, I’ll add that sexual fantasies, including thoughts we have about celebrities, do not have an impact on our actions in real life unless we want them to. It’s a healthy and common way to explore different aspects of your sexuality in a safe environment!
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